5 tips to keep mosquitoes away this summer

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by Jason Johnson

When I think of summer I always tend to think of warm evening sipping cocktails on some beach front watching the sun go down as if I were in some romantic comedy starring Meg Ryan or Kate Hudson. I always tend to look at summer through rose colored glasses because summer at its worst, is better than winter at its best in my opinion. Because of this, I always tend to overlook whatever drawbacks summer has. A big downside about summer unfortunately, is mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes along with bedbugs are two of the things I hate most in life and I have no doubt that they feel the same way about me given their treatment of me. I have mentioned before that I am quite fare skinned and these creatures have a taste for the blood in my neck and face with mosquitoes enjoying the sweet nectar of my eyelids. Waking up with swollen eyes as if you were in a fight with a skilled MMA fighter is not my idea of a good morning.

What makes mosquitoes especially difficult to deal with is that very few pest control companies have pest control aimed at specifically protecting us against mosquitoes. In other words; we are left to our own devices in our fight against literally the deadliest animal, not just pest, animal in the world. Luckily DIY mosquito control methods have proven to be very effective in dealing with mosquitoes, so I have listed a few very effective ways to keep mosquitoes at bay. These have all personally worked for me and I hope they work for you as well.

1. Mosquito Nets

While this does not get rid of mosquitoes, mosquito nets have proven very effective in keeping mosquitoes from biting you. This will lower any risk of malaria or any of the other diseases that mosquitoes carry. There are several different types of nets such as self supporting nets that come with a frame that needs to be assembled much like a tent. These nets are inexpensive and very effective if used properly.

2. Body Lotions, creams and oils

Whatever you do, don’t place these creams anywhere near your lips. They are extremely bitter and meant to deter mosquitoes. Sort of making you less appetizing if you will. They are available over the counter at any good pharmacy or grocery store. Neem oil is also very good and a good all natural alternative. Just apply to the skin and mosquitoes will leave you alone.

3. Fly Killer Units

Many pest control companies and wholesalers still offer these as a means to control mosquitoes. These units are sold to control flies, but are still relatively effective in controlling mosquitoes. The only problem with these so-called zappers, is that they pose the risk of spreading miniscule fragments of flies, mozzies and other insects that they attract, which can be inhaled, or contaminate surfaces and even food (depending on where it is placed). Rentokil’s Luminos units are very effective in this sense, in that they do not distribute these particles, but the internal glue board results in insects being trapped inside, without posing a health hazard.

4. Citronella Candles

Candles are a great way to control mosquitoes. Citronella candles specifically, are very effective at keeping mosquitoes at bay as it is a natural mosquito repellent. Certain companies sell incense sticks or spirals that also contain citronella oils to repel mosquitoes.

5. Plug-Ins

While I have tried all of the above methods and have found great success with each of them, nothing has been more effective than plug-ins. They are very inexpensive and equally safe to use as well. Simply plug them in to your wall socket a few hours before you go to bed and you should be safe from any mosquito bites all night.

I have found that combining a few of these mosquito control tips work much better than just having one of them. For example, using a plug-in along with a mosquito net is much more effective than just having a net.

It is also important to shower before bed as mosquitoes are attracted to body odor. Yes, while we all avoid these breathtaking people in shopping malls and the like, these smells are akin to a batch of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies to them, so best wash up before bed unless you want to be on the menu!

So there you go. These are my tips for keeping mosquitoes at bay and avoid becoming a hot meal for a mosquito family.


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