5 More Films Rentokil Would Have Ruined


Movies Rentokil would have ruinedA while ago we wrote a blog about 5 Movies Rentokil Would Have Ruined – that was over 6 years ago! I thought that now would be a great time to update that film list that would even have made creepy crawlies seek solace somewhere else!

Fortunately, we don’t make movies here at Rentokil, but if we did, they’d probably be the worst in the world, so we’ll stick to pest control and let Hollywood make all the films. Without further ado here’s 5 More Movies Rentokil Would Have Ruined.


spider man movieYou would think the genetics lab where Peter got bitten by a spider would have more procedures in place in case any spiders escaped. More often than not (actually all the time) a spider bite can be far more serious, and deadly, than just a few super powers, and can land you a fast ticket straight to hospital.

Simple pest control techniques such as laying down a few spider traps would have ensured no eight-legged critter could escape and attack any unsuspecting humans (although gaining superpowers wouldn’t be such a burden, right?).

Luckily, the genetics lab weren’t as careful as they should have been as we need Spider-Man to take care of the Green Goblin. We can handle spiders – no problem – but Goblins – that’s a whole different level of pest control. We’ll leave that to Spider-Man!

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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsA giant snake in a school… that can’t be safe!

In the second installment of the Harry Potter film series, the school is traumatised by a large snake ‘petrifying’ students who aren’t purebred wizards. You would think a school playing home to thousands of young students would take extra precaution to make sure they are safe.

Maybe Hogwarts didn’t enlist the help of Rentokil as we are a ‘muggle’ company. Granted we aren’t that good at controlling trolls and Voldemort, but snakes? That is something we can look into… or should I say, our resident snake expert in Johannesburg who is so well-acquainted with snakes, that I am beginning to think he’s got the gift of gab – or should I say, “parcelmouth”.

With the help of Rentokil’s expert snake whisperer,  Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets would not have featured so many child murders, leaving more room for quidditch matches, magic, and mischief.

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The Crow

the crow

the crow

Birds raising people back from the dead?

This cult classic sees a crow bring a recent murder victim back from the dead to avenge his fiance’s death on the eve of halloween. If you have birds flying around your city that can bring people back from the dead, then surely this is a problem that needs to be controlled?

There is 3 sequels to the original film, you would think after the second time when a crow resurrected someone from the dead they would have done something about it. All that’s needed is some simple bird proofing techniques such as bird netting around the cemetery and voila no more resurrecting crows.

I don’t know about you, but although Eric brought justice to the people who murdered both him and his fiance, I wouldn’t want a bunch of zombies running around my city. The guys in the Walking Dead look like they have a hard time controlling that pest problem.

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The Bone Collector

The Bone Collector

The Bone Collector

We all know this classic psychological movie, where a killer poses as a taxi driver and captures people, copying the crimes of an old crime novel. The antagonist removes a piece of his victims bones, and leaves behind a scrap of paper as a clue of his next crime.

It took the cop duo team long enough to piece the puzzle together, but only after a poor student was found with rats feeding on him! If only our rat control experts had a role to play, at least the poor kid would have been spared that agony. Although, the rat hairs on the thigh bone were a clue, and if this hadn’t played out with out the disgusting rats, I guess the movie wouldn’t have been as gory as it had been hailed.

In my opinion, I would have been grateful for the help of Rentokil that would really have spared me my last Rolo (I’m of course referring to the old advert where a teenager offers her boyfriend her last chocolate, but in my case I would have eaten it, and probably choked on it watching the rat scene!).

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The Hive

the hive

The hive

When flesh-eating ants take over an island, the – wait for this – “Thorax Team” is called in to deal with rapidly multiplying ants.

With Rentokil’s innovative solutions and continued research and development in the latest techniques to get rid of ants and other pests, they wouldn’t have had a need for the “Ghostbuster-like” artillery, and the island’s inhabitants could have just called Rentokil at the first signs of ants. 

If Rentokil did come to save the day, it would have been a short movie, and one wouldn’t have been able to see how the how the struggle has gone on by the depicted pest control team to eventually over-rule the man eating ants.

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Know any other films Rentokil would have ruined? Let us know in the comments below!

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